SwissAnalytics consults and advises its clients on the following projects:

Search Mandates and Portfolio Construction

SwissAnalytics assists its clients in searching for alternatives for funds which have performed poorly during due diligence. Our advice is tailored to each client’s needs while leveraging our library of reports and due diligence framework in order to construct portfolios with superior transparency and risk-adjusted return profiles. SwissAnalytics does not maintain a Recommendation List and only engages in customer-specific requests. We attempt to be as independent as possible and only get paid by the investor and never take kick-backs, retainers or fees of any sort from underlying investment managers.

Legacy Position Management and Wind-downs

We identify options for legacy position management and monitoring of portfolios in wind-down. Based on our employees’ experiences in such situations we know how to balance the desire for a timely conclusion with the goal of maximizing recovery values. We also assist our clients in facilitating declaration of wind-downs or support them pursuing active steps in winding-down entire portfolios.

Mock Due Diligence

SwissAnalytics conducts “Mock Due Diligence” visits to investment funds or fund of funds to determine their weaknesses and prepare the organization for institutional investors and regulators’ requirements. We will perform due diligence based on our proprietary framework on your company and your fund and provide you with a detailed analysis on our findings comparing you with industry standards and against minimum requirements by your stakeholders. Reports may not be used by the fund manager for marketing purposes.


If you are an institutional investor facing an issue as described above, please contact us by filling in our contact form and we would be delighted to arrange for an introductory conference call with our team and to draft you a customized proposal.

In the News

October 3, 2014
Castle Hall Alternatives and SwissAnalytics partner to provide next generation due diligence services to the investor community

Castle Hall and SwissAnalytics will work together to extend the reach of the OpsDiligence online diligence platform, enhancing both diligence coverage and client service across key European and North American markets.

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