Do you prefer to perform your due diligence in-house? Why not use our dedicated due diligence software and risk methodology framework?

The software was specifically designed to cater to the needs of fund due diligence, allowing its users to analyze and track their funds while relying on a systematic solution which follows a state-of-the-art due diligence process and visualizes key risks.

The software provides a systematic approach enabling the comparability of the client’s research conducted on funds through a common risk framework. Furthermore, it is able to generate portfolio reports aggregating such research. User flexibility is an important feature as the software is capable of dealing with a multi-user environment. Moreover, the systematic and comparable analysis allows for potential peak-time work outsourcing to SwissAnalytics’ team of analysts. Thus, the client is provided with an enhanced capacity management option.

The software follows the state-of-the-art due diligence process of SwissAnalytics – including gathering and storing data and documents, in-depth analysis of the investment fund and manager, background checks on the management company and key people and independent verification of information with service providers. Moreover, the software incorporates a portfolio engine (aggregating several funds analyzed in a portfolio context) as well as a quantitative engine which analyses historical data covering the most common risk and return measures and includes an extensive multi-factor analysis and Monte-Carlo simulation. As a successful due diligence process starts with asking the right questions, the necessary due diligence questionnaires, for the fund/manager as well as its most important counterparties, are available upon clients’ request.

The visualization of key issues using yellow and red flags and its standardized and comprehensive reports render the software an effective internal and external reporting tool. Furthermore, it demonstrates to clients, prospects and stakeholders the detailed analysis conducted and the corresponding conclusions drawn by your organization.

The software is used by fund investors and allocators – ranging from funds of funds, family offices and banks to independent asset managers, pension funds and marketeers. It facilitates the analysis of the entire range of alternative and traditional investment strategies, covering single funds, managed accounts and funds of funds (including SICAV and UCITS structures).

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