Our approach to investment due diligence is built around the goal of identifying risks which can lead to significant losses of capital. We interpret due diligence as doing diligence, not cutting any corners and avoid relying upon assumptions or the manager’s own selling points at all costs. We achieve that by adhering to a thorough and methodical process which has our analysts assess a detailed set of risk factors. For each factor the fund and investment manager is compared to best practice and judged based on a universal set of rules.

We excel at collecting, analyzing and condensing diverse and complex sources of information in concise, usable and easily understandable reports which flag and visualize the key risks of the investment while putting our findings into context regarding the manager’s organization and the investment strategy and suggesting means to address or mitigate those findings.

Scope of analysis: 

Our reports cover onsite evaluation of operations, investment strategy review, background checks, legal documents review, independent verifications and quantitative analysis which are offered as individual modules or as exhaustive reports.

Reports we conduct: 

We distinguish the following different reports:

Universe covered: 

Our clients have us conduct due diligence on investment managers and their investment funds…

  • … across the entire range of traditional and alternative investment strategies, from very liquid mutual funds to hedge funds and even to illiquid private equity funds.
  • … involving a plethora of structures both on- and offshore, including UCITS.

Type of offering: 

We offer analysis of single funds, managed accounts, fund of funds and entire portfolios on a one-off basis for an all-in fee. Alternatively, we also conduct monitoring services and annual reviews.


In the News

December 17, 2014
New White Paper: Never Underestimate Business Risks

Our latest white paper reflects on some recent news about an embezzlement case and other examples reviewed by SwissAnalytics historically which suggest to give business risks appropriate consideration.

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