SwissAnalytics has many years of experience in the calculation and monitoring of optimal loan-to-value ratios on a wide range of investment products.

Based upon our proprietary due diligence framework we are able to calculate and monitor LTV’s (Loan to Value ratios) of traditional as well as of alternative investment products, taking into account their idiosyncratic risks. Optimal LTV’s are calculated based upon quantitative and qualitative risk factor inputs and are subsequently monitored over time. By capturing and monitoring a more accurate and precise risk profile of the underlying asset, our clients can be more confident in their lending business while reducing the risk of credit default. This analysis can be run on any type of investment, including single hedge funds, funds of hedge funds (even bottom-up) and certificates.

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December 17, 2013
New White Paper: “Managing” Fees for Collective Investment Schemes

As we approach the holiday season it is a good time for some New Year’s resolutions. A very meaningful resolution would be to not only focus on performance but also about potential drags such as fees and expenses.

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